Month #2 of Schroth Exercises Complete

We have now been working with Chris to do the Schroth exercises for two months.  He has grown again – a positive sign – and he is definitely looking stronger.  But the nagging to get him to do his exercises is still on-going and some days we all forget about them until about 9pm and then it’s just too late to expect him to do them.

I think it would be easier if he were older and could understand better that this time he has when he is still growing represents a real opportunity to prevent his curve progressing further – but I think that level of understanding only comes with maturity and that is not really present in a 13 year old boy!

But he is a trooper and he will do them when we insist.

I’m going to contact Debs and see if we can change his schedule at all to make it easier for him.  Perhaps we could change the routine so that he does the exercises x4 or x5 times a week rather than every day…I don’t know but hopefully Debs will.


Exercise Frustration

I think Chris is beginning to hit a wall with the exercises and I am definitely hitting a wall with trying to nag…persuade…bribe…order him to do them!  Trying to fit two exercises in before school is a challenge so we have now changed that to just one – the horrible “50 Pers”.  This requires him to sit crossed legged in front of the wall bars.  With his hands on different height bars and his elbows out he then has to raise himself off the floor – it is as difficult as it sounds!

That leaves three core exercises to do in the afternoon/evening plus a load of stretches.

I wish there was an easier solution to all this…and I wish I knew if it was making any difference yet.  I am going to contacts Debs and book a date for her to come and see us again in January so that we can review how Chris is getting on.