A Vist to the Osteopath

We have been working with Chris and his curve for thee months now and I want to try adding something else into the mix.  I know an amazing osteopath in London who helped me with a frozen shoulder problem years ago and I took Chris to see him to find out if he would suggest anything else to support what we are already doing.

Gary was really great with Chris and spent 40 minutes working on him.  Some of it looked quite painful as he released tight muscles in Chris’s chest, ribs and pelvis.  He also spent quite a bit of time working on his feet and calves which were also over tightened.  He said Chris would benefit from doing a daily calf stretch – great another daily exercise!!  And he also said Chris should be swimming once or twice a week.

backstrokeThe swimming is apparently really good for Scoliosis – particularly backstroke.  The action of rotating your arms over your head helps to open out the diaphragm and ribs.  Steve had already been swimming regularly with Chris so we are now going to make this part of his weekly routine.

Gary said he’d like to see Chris about every three months to free off over-tightened muscles and to help keep his body in balance.  Chris was really cool with it all and didn’t complain about the painful moments when Gary was working deep into the muscle tissue.  We rewarded him with an all you can eat buffet in China Town – excellent value and we all ate far too much!