Are we ‘Riding’ that Curve?

I find myself looking at Chris and trying to make up my mind whether or not his curve has got worse.  His rib prominence looks worse when he bends forwards but when he is standing up his back looks OK.  He still has no pain and continues to be a normal, active teenage boy (including the usual injuries…see knee dislocation earlier in my blog!)

Anyway, we have a follow-up X-ray booked for after our summer holiday and I am looking forward to getting away and just forgetting about everything for a week.  There is a lovely pool where we are staying so Chris can swim every day even though he can’t do many of his exercises.


Follow-up Knee Appointment

We went back to the hospital today to check how Chris’s knee has recovered since he dislocated it.  He can walk on it without crutches and the swelling has gone down a lot but he still has a lot of bruising in the back of his knee.

Amazingly we were in and out of the hospital in half an hour – a big thumbs up to the NHS for that!!  In fact I can’t fault the way we were looked after – really excellent.

The good news on his knee is that it is all in place as it should be and he just needs to make sure it is fully recovered before he goes back to playing sport.  So, no PE for the rest of term and no football until next season.

We can do some limited Schroth exercises now but it is difficult because he still can’t fully bend his knee or put too much load on it.  As usual I am worrying that we are not doing enough to stop this curve progressing but sometimes life just gets in the way!