A long overdue update! 3 months post op

time-fliesThey say time flies when you’re having fun and for our family this has been so true!  The stress of Scoliosis is no longer a big feature in our lives and there are days now when I don’t even think about it – which is just fantastic.

Chris continues to make a text book recovery from the surgery and the redness of his scar is fading well.  He is not good at doing his exercises (but then he never really was and we always had to nag him!) but Steve and I have not pushed him in the last few months.  We felt he had had 18 months of nagging and exercises and the work he needs to do now can be done when he wants to do it.  His right shoulder is slightly forward and dropped and he needs to strengthen the muscles in his back on that side to pull the shoulder back and up.

He is on schedule to go on his school expedition to Kyrgyzstan in July and we will go back to see Mr Conlan for a final check up before he heads off on his big adventure.  I am so delighted that he can go and from June (which is 6 months post op) he can start to do some proper hiking training and build up his fitness.

I am not sure how much longer this blog will run as I don’t have that much more to share but I will do another update after we go back to see Mr Conlan again.  And if you have read this far then thank you and I hope it has been helpful to you!