Just 7 Months Post-Op and he’s off to Kyrgyzstan!

This wonderful photo was taken just before Chris loaded his rucksack onto the coach to set off for Heathrow and his amazing expedition to Kyrgyzstan!

Chris leaving for Kyrg - Copy

I think I was the happiest mum there Рso proud of him for being fit and strong enough to take part.  Whilst other mums were crying at saying goodbye to their children I was crying tears of joy because he was able to go!

Once again I have to pay tribute to Mr Conlan and his amazing team in Cambridge who straightened and fixed Chris’ spine – they are a remarkable team.

All that’s left for me to say now is that I wish anyone who reads this blog the very best of luck with their Scoliosis journey. ¬†When I started to write this I had no idea of how many twists and turns and ups and downs our journey would take us on, but we are now coming to the end of our roller coaster ride and I for one am looking forward to getting off this ride and leaving the park!

I will continue to post updates about Chris occasionally but I hope our life continues on an easier path for the coming years!