Phew – he’s made it back home again!

p1040550p1040996My intrepid explorer has returned home again and he’s had an incredible experience.  Staying with a Chinese family was tough as his family didn’t speak much English and he was relying on Google Translate to communicate with them!  But he loved the trip, experienced a totally different culture and had absolutely no problems with his back.

In fact, his back is no longer a topic of conversation in our house – he’s just Chris again.  A typical teen with a messy bedroom and a need to do more homework as GCSE’s are now just around the corner…Happy Days!

And he’s off again…this time to China!

p1040983After the success of his trip to Kyrgyzstan, Chris wanted to take part in another school trip – this time to China!  It was a ‘foreign exchange’ visit – like you do for French or Spanish GCSE, but Chris is studying Mandarin so he has to travel…to China.  The school is taking 24 students and they will spend 3 nights staying with a Chinese family (let’s hope they speak good English) go to Chinese school and at the end of the trip visit Shanghai.

I don’t remember my school days being quite this exciting!