6 Month Check Up

Today we returned to Cambridge to see Chris’ surgeon Mr Conlan again – this time for his 6 month post-op check up.  Chris was taken for x-rays again and then we went in to see Mr Conlan and Sally.

It was a wonderful appointment in which Mr Conlan said Chris had made an excellent recovery, the implants in his back had fused well and…he could go on his expedition to Kyrgyzstan next month!!  This was the news we had all been hoping for and, as he leaves on his travels on 11th July, we need to get busy with the final preparations.

We are not due back at the hospital now for another 9 months which takes us up to March 2016 – fantastic news.  I think our long Scoliosis journey is now almost done.  Chris has to stay off PE at school for another 6 months, but other than that he can lead a pretty normal life – walking, running, cycling, swimming etc.  And we can go on our skiing trip that we had to cancel last Christmas – we can’t wait!