Back to School…Full Time!

My hunch was right and Chris has just completed a full week of school.  He is excused from PE but other than that it is his normal timetable of lessons and he’s been absolutely…FINE!!

The only exception to his normal routine is that I have driven him to and from the bus stop every day as the walk to the bus is about a mile and he didn’t want to do that yet.  But I don’t think it will be long before he can try that.

His teachers have all been very welcoming and treated him just the same as the other kids in his class so that he doesn’t feel any different to them.  And really he’s not any different now, he just has to be careful not to get too tired otherwise his back and shoulders start to ache.

His scar is looking really good now and I have started putting Bio Oil on it every day to try and help the redness to fade but it is a very flat and thin line down his spine.  Once the colour fades I really don’t think people are going to notice it.

So, we are now 7 weeks post op and he’s back in school and enjoying a normal school day.  It seems amazing how fast he has recovered and how relatively easy it has been for him.  He has never complained and is just as chilled and happy as he ever was.  I also feel very different these days and can’t help but smile when I look at him!  We go back to Cambridge in a week to see Mr Conlan and I think he will be delighted with how well Chris is doing.  We also see the physiotherapist who will give Chris an exercise plan to ‘fine tune’ his posture and get him really tall and completely straight.