Chris Dislocates his Knee!

South Western Ambulance VX09FYPOur roller-coaster ride just took another turn…Chris dislocated his knee at school today on an inflatable army assault course!!  It was part of the action during Hero’s Day in which the armed forces and emergency services came to the school to demonstrate what they do.  The only emergency service that couldn’t attend was the ambulance service but Chris soon changed that…

He took a flying leap off an inflatable wall at the end of the army assault course and landed badly dislocating his left knee.  The school were quick to call me and an ambulance and we were soon on our way to the hospital with Chris happily sucking in ‘gas and air’ which made him quite giggly.

The A and E team were wonderful and he was seen very quickly and given more pain relief meds.  We were really lucky that an orthopedic consultant was available to see Chris and he quickly relocated his knee without any pain or discomfort.  After about 4 hours we were on our way home again with Chris in a knee brace that he has to wear for the next 10 days.  He also has to use crutches to get around.

This obviously means he can’t do the majority of his exercises…so he gets a “time-out” for a few weeks.  We have to go back to the hospital for a check-up in the fracture clinic in 10 days time!