We’re Coming Home!

Wednesday: This was a lovely day of rest with both Chris and I catching up on some sleep and watching movies.  He is definitely ready to go home now (and even managed to eat a sneaky bowl of chips between lunch and supper!) and Sally is making the arrangements for us to leave the hospital tomorrow.

Thursday: After breakfast I started to pack up our room and carry stuff down to the car.  We seem to have accumulated a lot of bags over the last few days and it took several trips to get it all out of our room.  I also played around with the front passenger seat to try and make it as comfy as possible for Chris, giving him lots of leg room and winding the seat back so that he is in more of a lying down position.

Then we sat and waited for his pain relief medication to be delivered.  It finally arrived about 11.30am and Sally explained the different pills to me and when Chris should take them.  And then we were off!!

With Chris comfortably settled in the car I hit the road about 11.45am and the first thing he said was “I’m hungry – have you got any food?”  Of course I didn’t have anything as we had hoped to leave much earlier and be back home by lunchtime.  Luckily about 5 minutes later we drove past a McDonald’s so I said “How about a Big Mac and Fries?!”  Chris thought that was a great idea so we stopped off and ate a burger meal in the car.

With a full stomach Chris soon fell asleep and slept the first 1 1/2 hours of the journey, only waking up as we joined the A3.  This was perfect and we had a really good run home with no delays or accidents to hold us up.

Steve was there to greet us when we arrived and Chris was really happy to be back home, having a lie down on his bed before settling himself on the sofa to watch TV.  I then unpacked the car with Steve and also had a rest on my bed which felt heavenly after sleeping in a ‘pull down’ bed in the hospital for several nights.

bubble-baths-good-for-skin-1It feels so amazing to be home, with the long awaited surgery finally behind us.  I am looking forward to having a long hot bath and an early night!