A difficult month following dad’s funeral

I haven’t written much recently as I have been too busy with family - mostly trying to help my mum cope with life without my dad.  I have been staying with her quite a bit and leaving Steve and the boys to sort themselves out at home and they have been marvellous.

Unfortunately a consequence of all this has been that we have not been thinking about Chris and his exercises.  He has done them occasionally, but all too often they have been forgotten.

It is now a month since dad died and we are trying to get back to some kind of normal routine with exercising before and after school.  I worry that we’ve let things slip and that will have a negative affect on his back but…you can only do so much.

I hope we will have our review consultation and x-ray at Southampton Hospital soon and then we will know for certain where we are with his curve and whether it has progressed significantly or not.  Looking at him it doesn’t look substantially different but it is so difficult to tell.

If it has got a lot worse I think we will consider doing one of the intensive two or four week Schroth courses during the summer holidays but I hope this won’t be necessary.  I think Chris would fight me over it.