Post Surgery – The Recovery Part 3

Tuesday: Chris has felt much better today and the terrible sickness he felt has finally disappeared.  He is now able to walk around the ward quite comfortably and can watch TV without feeling sick.  He did some more exercises and a walk with the physio and we are now talking about when we can go home!

Before we leave Chris has to have another round of x-rays and be able to walk up and down stairs with the physio.  Sally managed to arrange the x-rays for this afternoon so he was wheeled down in his bed to the lift and then to the x-ray clinic where we had a short wait before they repeated the x-rays they had taken before surgery.  I am really excited to see these and Sally has said that we will be given a CD with the ‘before’ and ‘after’ x-rays on it.

After the x-rays Chris had a lovely surprise in the post – a wonderful box of biscuits in a beautiful tin marked ‘First Aid Kit’.  Inside were hand baked chocolate cookies shaped and iced with a medical theme.  They looked amazing and tasted delicious – a really lovely gift from my nieces Isobel and Francesca.

After eating several biscuits…without making himself feel sick…Chris went for a walk with the physio to take the stair test.  He passed this easily walking confidently up and down a flight of stairs.  So that’s it – he has done everything he needs to be able to do before being allowed home!  But, as we have such a long journey home I think we are going to aim to leave on Thursday and give him one more day in hospital to sleep and get stronger.