Enjoying the Festive Season!

christmas decsWe have had a really lovely family focused Christmas, with lots of gifts, playing board games and relaxing together.  For the first time ever the boys didn’t wake us up at 6am to open their stockings – we had to wait until 9am and then I woke them up!

Christmas lunch was just the four of us and then on Boxing Day my mum, my sister Jackie and her husband Graham came to see how Chris was doing and have lunch with us.  We had a lovely day with them and they were also amazed at how well Chris is looking and how tall he is!

The days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve have been much the same for Chris, resting, eating well, watching TV and playing on the computer with his friends.  He even managed to play a game of ping-pong with me, bending down to pick up the ball off the floor and less then 4 weeks after his surgery.  I don’t think he is going to have any problems going back to school part-time after 6 weeks.

In fact, we have now started to get him doing some of the work his teachers set and he has revised for and sat a Biology end of year test paper and is reading ‘Of Mice and Men’ which is one of his GCSE English books.

I have also found that I now have more ‘head space’ – if you know what I mean.  In the months leading up to his surgery I just couldn’t think about anything else, but now I’m finding that I can…and it feels good!