SPS – Spiral Stabilization of the Spine

I received information on this from a clinic in the Czech Republic.  I am happy to share this information with you but I have no personal experience of it and cannot make any recommendations about it.  If you are interested in knowing more please contact the SPS team via their website:

Below is a copy of the email I received:

I would like to give you information on other conservative method to make your list of conservative methods complete :-)

35 years developed and used Mr. Richar Smisek´s, M.D., Spiral Stabilization of the Spine (SPS, also known as, former name: SM- SYSTEM) with great results.

This is a method of stabilization of the scoliosis with muscle corset.

This method has also great results in the area of treatment of the pain and complications after spinal surgery and treatment of prolapsed intervetebral disc without the need of surgery.

 SPS – spiral stabilization of the spine 

The main method of treatment is based on individual exercises of the patient at home. 

To do this it is necessary to teach the patient how to practice the exercises learn and to equip the patient with the needed material equipment – exercise set. 

Exercise is preceded by medical examination and diagnosis setting. 

The physiotherapist then make functional musculoskeletal examination including kinesiology of walk. 

We teach the exercise: 

- individually
- in a small group of 4-10 people
- the movement is automated in a group of 20-30 people.

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