Post Surgery – The Recovery Part 2

Monday: Today got off to a flying start with a new physio who was even more forceful than the one we had worked with over the weekend.  She arrived at the same time as Chris’ breakfast – a bacon sandwich (that means he is really starting to feel better!).  She said she would return later and then “take Chris for a walk!”.

Sure enough she returned about midday and encouraged him to sit himself up on the side of his bed and then carefully raise himself up to stand.  He did all this remarkably easily and once again I was astounded by how tall he now looks compared to me.  Then the two of them set off at a steady pace to walk a loop round the hospital ward.  I followed behind with a goofy smile on my face the whole time.  His back and shoulders look so different to when we arrived here and he is really beginning to feel better now.

Chris standing 3After their walk we returned to his room and the physio took a few photos of me and Chris standing together to show the difference in height – I think Chris is really delighted by this as he can now look down on his mother – and I’m really not short, I’m about 5′ 7!

Here is my favourite picture of the two of us smiling at each other.  I then sent this to all my family who were equally delighted to see Chris looking so good just 3 days after surgery – it’s amazing how quickly these young teens recover.