A Return Visit to see our lovely London Osteopath!

This half term we went back to London to see Gary, the wonderful Osteopath we know.  It was once again a really positive experience.  Gary is remarkable in how he is able to change the position of Chris’s spine within a 45 minute session – he always looks straighter when we leave than when we arrive!  If only it lasted…but it does demonstrate to me that his spine is still flexible and we must keep working against the curve.

This time Gary focused on the area in the centre of Chris’s spine where his ‘C’ shape curve is most pronounced.  He suggested changing the exercise routine we have been following and just concentrating on three core strength exercises to try and improve the rotation and curve.

The exercises are physically tough but fortunately they are quick to do and for this reason Chris is keen to do them instead of the all the Schroth exercises we have been doing.  I think it would be good for him to have a change so we are going to go with Garry’s exercises for 2-3 months and then go back and see him again.

As ever I’ll let you know how it all works out!

Another Growth Spurt!

growing-pains-001Chis has hit another growth spurt recently and is now the same height as me – 5′ 7″.  He is delighted with this and loves nothing more than standing right in front of me and looking me straight in the eyes – most unnerving!

What is great about this is that it means he is growing upwards still and his curve is not distorting his height. His older brother is now 6′ 2″ at age 16 so I think Chris will also be tall if we can keep his spine relatively straight.

As well as growing in height I think he is also growing in maturity…well sometimes I think that!!  He will now go and do his exercises some days without me or Steve having to nag him about it – now that’s a really great development.

Schroth Therapist in Tetbury

tetbury ostepathsI was recently contacted by an osteopath in Tetbury, Gloucestershire who has also trained in the Schroth technique. Peter Roberts is a registered osteopath whose son was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 15.  He researched therapies that could help with his son’s Scoliosis and discovered the Schroth technique.  Peter then trained at The Askepilos clinic in Bad Sobernheim so that he could treat his son.

His usual way of working is to do a week’s intensive course of 4 hours per day for a minimum of five days to teach the exercises and then review sessions at intervals depending on progress.  This is great news for anyone in West / Central England who is looking for a Schroth therapist.

You can find out more via their website: www.scoliosisattetburyosteopaths.co.uk
Or call on: 01666 502214